Technical partners


Specializing in sound design and audiovisual production, the Cadence agency has been accompanying leading brands since 2005 in the production of effective and relevant sound and video territories.

We offer ad hoc methodologies for our customers and their agencies, for a creative, differentiating and meaningful result.

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BotSpell, a specialist in chatbots, uses conversation and artificial intelligence to connect companies to their customers.

Their SAAS platform makes it possible to create an engaging conversational experience in a very short time, compared to existing solutions, to optimize the profitability of the project.

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Full Performance

Full Performance is the European leader in Performance Marketing (SEM, Shopping, AdExchange RTB, Retargeting, Affiliation). Specialised in Performance Marketing and Web Marketing strategy, our wide range of innovative solutions is acclaimed by more than 1000 clients since 2007. Full Performance is partner SEO/SEM of Prestashop, Google and trading Desk AppNexus. 

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TimeOne – the performance marketing specialist, offers innovative services in affiliation, coregistration and media campaigns. Its expertise and innovative tools are dedicated to bringing advertisers and affiliated websites together according to sophisticated selection criteria. TimeOne covers the whole value chain of performance marketing advertising: from strategic advice, assistance in decision-making and network management to retargeting campaigns, the implementation of multi-channel strategies and the measurement of results.

TimeOne operates in France, in Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Benelux countries, Germany and Brazil. Our main customers include Meetic, BNP Paribas, Opodo, BrandAlley, etc.

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