Infographics: Live Retail, the authentic and human commerce

The consumer and the brands are forging a new relationship of complicity and commitment that leads at any time and everywhere towards an authentic, human and experiential commerce.

In partnership with Havas Paris, Paris Retail Week presents the key insights learned from the observatory of consumer behavior and trade evolutions.

Three trends emerge from the seven insights of the Shopper Observer of Havas Paris / Paris Retail Week and profoundly change the relationship between brands and consumers:

  • The brands' willingness to take a stance on social issues
  • Going from the cognitive to the emotional thanks notably to artificial intelligence
  • The emergence of a super model combining online and offline

Discover in the infographics below the key figures of the observatory.

Download the infographics "Live Retail: the authentic and human commerce"

Discover the observatory "Shopper Observer by Havas Paris/Paris Retail Week" (in French)

Infographics: Live Retail, the authentic and human commerce
Infographics Live Retail