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Interview of Matthieu Vermot, Managing Director at Eperflex by Dalenys, the first personalized retargeting email solution.

Interview of Matthieu Vermot, Managing Director at Eperflex by Dalenys, the first personalized retargeting email solution.

According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your business field?

Eperflex - Dalenys

Email retargeting has become a staple of acquisition and loyalty campaigns. This marketing approach, which means re-addressing a web user who has visited your website without buying, is evolving with consumers’ habits. They are now extremely careful about their personal data, and only welcome to be contacted by brands when they need it! Thus, the trend is not to throw away mass messages, but to personalise them thoroughly, in order to deliver a relevant and valuable information to the consumer.

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for? 

Eperflex is the leader of email retargeting, with more than 60% of top 100 French e-commerce players amongst its clients. Dedicated to traffic acquisition and optimization of conversion rate, the solution coordinates 3 marketing actions, which are perfectly complementary:

-       Email Targeting, to address a qualified contacts database

-       Email Retargeting, to address a database of intention buyers

-       Remarketing, to encourage the completion of a purchase initiated by a contact

What makes our trademark? The power of our cookies network, and highly-accurate targeting and timing. We offer e-merchants a powerful lever to reactivate their visitors, bring them to convert and thus create more turnover. For example, when a web user shows some interest on a particular product seen online, we can send him an email in real time, at the very moment when the product is available again after a stockout, or when the price comes down (sales, promotion…).

What does the Paris Retail Week event represent for your business?

For us, it’s an additional opportunity to meet our clients, who will all be there. Furthermore this year, we’ll have a common booth with another strong brand of Dalenys group: Be2bill, the payment solution. Our fields of expertise are complementary, as they both boost merchants’ conversion rate along the entire buying journey, from the first visit (website, in-store, app), until the end of the checkout. This expertise has been recognized in the 2017 Frenchweb ranking, which spotlights the most dynamic companies in the digital ecosystem: Dalenys is the 1st French fintech for the second time in a row!  

Meet Eperflex by Danelys on the stand H 043  at Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September!

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