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Interview of Nicolas de Dampierre, Co-Founder at Zeez, it is the first platform of drive-to-store that offers a storytelling by promotions of brands.

Nicolas de Dampierre, Co-Founder at Zeez

According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?


Our market is the drive-to-store market.

Within this market, which ranges from the distribution of flyers to the geolocated text messages, to Beacon technology or advertising banners on your mobile, the main trend is a drastic improvement of the precision of mobile targeting and the qualification of audiences, coupled with another societal tendency: most people in France now agree to be geolocated - at least punctually.

At the crossroads of these two trends, geolocated advertising is developing rapidly. But you will notice that despite its development, it remains at the service of a single recipe: a promotional message.

Basically, advertising is able to drive people to stores when there is a discount. There is no clear indication, however, that the population driven to the shop will do more than just enjoy the discount in question. Because if you only talk about premiums, you attract the premium hunters.

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for?

We are looking at the drive-to-store market unlike everyone else. Everyone talks about prices, we offer an experience.

And our customers (Adidas, NYX, Levi's, Deezer...) are brands that offer strong experiences, and who understand that drive-to-store must be built on experience, on a strong storytelling: Zeez is a Mobile app that features a very offbeat storytelling, in which foxes shake hens! Except that the fox is a young person of 12-25 years old, and the hen is a brand - that has something to say to that target.

So we are 100% into gaming.

But the game, just like PokemonGo, happens on the street and allows the brand to drive to its shops, via playful items scattered in its catchment area, a population that likes the brand - and who just spent 10 minutes playing with that brand!

Zeez is therefore intended for all brands who are looking to give a reason to the millenials to come to their shops!

What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

This is our first edition! But it is a unique opportunity, through the Startup Village, to speak to our next clients in France and in Europe.

Meet Zeez in Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September!

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