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Interview of Anton Bielakoff, CEO at Lyra, international specialist in online, offline and mobile payments.

Interview of Anton Bielakoff, CEO at Lyra, international specialist in online, offline and mobile payments.

According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?


When it comes to legislation, the world of payments is going through a change with the arrival of the technology-driven Europeen directive DSP2 that aims to draw together in-store and online sales in terms of invoicing and context of use.  Buyers expect a smooth and personalized purchase flow wherever they are.

Security is a major challenge for e-merchants in 2017. Whether it is to fight against unpaid debts or to protect buyers, anti-fraud tools are constantly improved to counter fraudsters without complicating the payment process for customers.

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for?

Lyra’s services are aimed at banks in view of creating a comprehensive e-commerce service as well as at companies that are striving for agility, flexibility and performance.

The business sectors are extremely diverse as our innovative and customizable gateway equally meets the needs of local authorities, tourism and tailoring industries and B2B.

Our international presence, our leading position in France in the POS sector (more than 1 in 2 payments are managed by Lyra), our 16 years of experience in managing more than 9 billion payments per year make us a safe bet for our customers as they face new challenges. Over 45,000 e-merchants use our payment gateway, PayZen, for the quality of its customizable tools (design, fraud management, integration), the broad spectrum of its payment methods and its usability. 

What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

Paris Retail Week is the major event of the season that allows us to unveil our latest innovations and to meet our customers in a creatively friendly environment. Our presentations during the expert workshops also give us the opportunity to discuss specific use cases and to increase the e-merchants' awareness about the world of payments.

Meet Lyra on the stand J 033 at Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September!

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