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Interview of Gwennael Gaté, CEO and Co-Founder at, a start-up is specialized in Artificial Intelligence processing on images and son.

Interview of Gwennael Gaté, CEO and Co-Founder at

According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?

Brick and mortar retailers have some unique advantages over online retailers (highly customized sales advices, touching products, instant delivery, etc...). We think technological innovation will focus on strengthening these assets, not levelling them down, making online and physical retail customer experiences even more different and complementary.

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for? is a software publisher who helps companies to put artificial intelligence into their products by providing them with the ready-to-use, industrial grade software bricks that they lack today.

In particular, we develop automatic image and sound processing algorithms that enable our customers to understand human behavior in real time in large amounts of video data.

We have a recurring revenue model based on the amount of video data our customers send to us every month for analysis by our algorithms.

In particular, we focus on the market for customer behavior analysis in the retail sector.

What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

Paris Retail Week is the opportunity for to meet the main players in the Retail sector and thus to prospect new customers.

Meet on the stand L 107 at Paris Retail Week from 19 tp 21 September!

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