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Interview of Faride Amghar, Director at Kwanko, is one of the leading actors in multi-channel advertising.

Interview of Faride Amghar, Director at Kwanko

According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?


Performance advertising is an ecosystem which is constantly evolving. Internet users are becoming more and more demanding and defensive over the confidentiality of their data. Less spam, less advertising space and new modes of consumption: this is the context that digital marketers are facing nowadays.

As for internet users, the challenge is now to adopt a more qualitative approach by complying with the GDPR, "general data protection regulation" and drafting charters of good practice in the field of e-mailing, like the one written by the CPA (Collectif Performance et Acquisition).

As for advertisers, the adoption of increasingly advanced anti-fraud and brand-safety tools ensures both the protection of the brand image and the viewability of advertisements.

Finally, for publishers, it means adopting a more respectful approach of each publisher’s role in the conversion, especially thanks to attribution marketing, which allows you to pay each publisher according to their effective role and added value in the purchasing process.

New advertising broadcasting and pay-out models are also emerging. Trending hashtags are #Chatbots, #DataBasedMarketing, and #ContentMarketing. A revealing example: traditional publishers such as coupon and cashback websites which offer quality content to attract internet users and winvest in innovative technologies such as card-linked offers which allow banks to provide targeted special offers to their customers according to their location and their consumption habits.

On top of that, a greater creation of value for advertisers who transmit their advertising messages more efficiently.

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for?

Kwanko is the only performance advertising network to offer a 360° offer which is both multi-device (web and mobile) and on all the performance typologies.

Our clients range from long-established e-merchants to e-commerce start-ups for which we have created a dedicated offer, MyAff. But all the advertisers on the web will find an offer which is suitable for them at Kwanko.

In addition to the traditional affiliate marketing campaigns (CPA, CPL), and our advanced attribution and cross-device tracking tools, we now offer to launch influence campaigns for our advertisers.

Brands must now shake up their communication strategies to give increasingly demanding consumers personalized messages that create a strong bond and a personal relationship.Have bloggers become the brands’ new allies in the successful implementation of a communication and marketing strategy in the digital age? To help our advertisers develop the social DNA of their brand, we have launched the 'Kwanko Influence’ offer.  This offer responds to various needs: reputation, branding, traffic, virality and buzz.

First, our experts carry out a needs analysis and then identify the right channel among the influencers, professionals and journalists in their network, which covers all sectors (fashion, beauty, travel, cooking, high-tech…). Our team defines the influence scenarios, creates content and offers advertisers original showcases for their product launches or new arrivals, events or crisis management.

This new offer, which allows you to measure user engagement and the profitability of actions via tracking and performance monitoring tools, is at the crossroads between influence and performance.

What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

As a major event within the French market, the Paris Retail Week trade fair allows us to physically meet our partners and clients and key e-commerce decision-makers.

But it is also a formidable monitoring tool for detecting new ad-tech market segments and new types of increasingly innovative publishers.

Meet Kwanko in Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September!

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