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Interview of Christan Alvarez, Business and Marketing Development Manager at, a company who manages data and medias of your e-commerce online store.

Interview of Christan Alvarez, Business and Marketing Development Manager at

According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?

I feel that there are two major trends coming to the fore in the highly competitive e-commerce market.
The first is to do with controlling data management and targeted advertising. Without pertinent, individualised, precise and lasting information, e-merchants cannot claim to know their customers well enough. The subject of creating targeted messages and putting the customer into contact with the products on offer depends directly on the information provided by product data sheets, their identification via search engines using specific criteria or key-words and the geo-localisation of those retailers able to physically deliver the product. So effective control of organised and pertinent data along with the creation of adapted content will not only ensure a better SEO position but will also be essential to increasing sales conversion rates.
The second major trend which will become increasingly important will be the use of mobile devices by consumers. It directly addresses the "phygital" strategies being developed by e-merchants, which have rendered the customers "mobile" as a result. We could consider this development to be synergistic. Every day now we observe that more internet users are connected via mobile devices than desktop computers. The mobile device had become the principal device with which we connect to the internet. E-commerce businesses have had to create a genuine cultural revolution to respond to this change in the behaviour of their customers. But now this new consumer behaviour must be used to ensure better productivity as well as increased efficiency with the resulting savings to the time spent in finding the right buyer for the right product. Notably through immediate and direct exchanges with the customer.
In both cases our 100% web applications, compatible with diverse systems, as well as Store Commander for PrestaShop can provide effective and intuitive solutions with a rapid R.O.I.

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for? - our latest creation which we will be proudly unveiling to the general public and the press at the Paris Retail Week 2017 - is a complete response to these subjects. Particularly since this technological innovation provides the means to easily and rapidly enrich and correct the contents of the product data-sheets which serve to classify the items included in a catalogue: spelling, missing images, incomplete content, etc. It is a very reactive and intuitive solution which will simplify the day-to-day lives of e-merchants. provides the means to process tasks very quickly. Result: You can manage your web-site and product catalogue in only 10% of the time it would usually take. This means that, right from the first month's use, you can save the equivalent of a day's work at a normal salary. is aimed at all e-merchants allowing them to manage back-office bulk data. This innovative 100% web application integrates perfectly with most systems (compatible with PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, Shopify, Youtube). manages all shops and also integrates languages management to optimize activity at an international level. is a 100% French solution, developed in France (Futuroscope) and published by a company which participates in FrenchTech. It is a simplified tool with all the comfort of using a single intuitive solution with harmonised interfaces thus ensuring maximum efficiency and increasing productivity. is the result of extensive experience in the e-commerce sector. Mise En Prod publishes the Store Commander web application as part of its range of compatible modules. And now publishes the new multi-system solution: We support this new application with our proven experience and highly competent and reactive staff. Since 2009, Store Commander has become THE reference for use with PrestaShop in the e-commerce sector. Our tools simplify day-to-day management for our e-merchant clients; more than 40,000 downloads in 150 countries via more than 100 specialised partner web agencies.

What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

Paris Retail Week is a reliable investment, a high quality event that is an excellent shop window ensuring international exposure for those professional software companies like ourselves who are specialised in providing solutions for e-merchants, suppliers and retailers.
Even if we do have proven e-commerce sector experience with our Store Commander solution, this is an opportunity for us to encounter e-commerce professionals and present our latest innovative solution:
Paris Retail Week will thus be the first official public unveiling at a professional trade-show for our new 100% multi-system application! As a team we have very high ambitions for both the French and the international markets. To honour the show, all of our representatives will be wearing new black shirts with the logo on the breast and our brand image on the back: It will be impossible not to see our dynamic representatives!
We are honoured to invite as many visitors as possible to come and see us this September at our stand (G 016).

Meet at Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September!

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