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Interview of Charlotte Desrosiers, Chief Marketing Officer at TextMaster, the global solution for translation management.

Interview of Charlotte Desrosiers, Chief Marketing Officer at TextMaster, the global solution for translation management.

According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?

Text Master

The international market constitutes a considerable growth opportunity for French e-commerce retailers: 64% of them already have an international presence!

Nevertheless, there is still much to be done to effectively reach an international audience. Nowadays, consumers want their experience to be super personalized, and accordingly, they expect content to be completely localized and perfectly adapted to their country’s idiosyncrasies. That is why translation represents a key issue for e-commerce retailers wishing to establish an international presence.

The translation market is currently witnessing substantial technological advances, resulting in a streamlined workflow for the translation of e-commerce content.

Thanks to translation APIs, content can now to be translated in real time, followed by automatic reintegration. The advent of artificial intelligence and big data has also resulted in the optimization of translation turnaround times and cost-effectiveness.

Even though machine translation has seen huge advancements in recent years, we must bear in mind that technology alone is still not capable of ensuring impeccable translations. That said, translation errors can have grave consequences in terms of SEO, conversion rates and even brand credibility. Thus, in coming years, the biggest trend will involve the combination of all technological advances with real human expertise, in an aim to provide internet users with completely localized content.

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for?

TextMaster, French e-commerce leader, holds the key to the global solution for translation management. Our target audience consists of highly motived online stores seeking to establish themselves on an international scale. We support them in their content localization efforts. We currently have more than 10,000 clients, including La Fourchette, Sarenza, Club Med, La Redoute and Uniqlo, throughout 110 countries.

TextMaster’s strength lies in the combination of:

 1. One-of-a-kind technology

Our translation platform is 100% cloud-based, allowing translation requests to be submitted in a few clicks and enabling all projects to be centralized and monitored in real time.

We devote a substantial portion of our resources to R&D, for the development of cutting-edge translation tools (translation memories, glossaries, post-editing, etc.). This has enabled us to drastically optimize the turnaround time, quality and cost of translation projects.


2. Specialist expertise

Our current network of translators, certified in more than 50 languages and fields of expertise, is recognized as one of the best in the world!

In parallel, our clients benefit from the support and guidance of our team of international project managers who oversee all projects launched on TextMaster while ensuring flawless results.

This is how we set ourselves apart from traditional translation solutions, often ill-suited to the needs of the internet and we have seen tangible results:

  • On average, TextMaster is 2.5 times faster than traditional translation agencies
  • We generate up to 80% of profits in organizational productivity
  • Our clients enjoy up to 60% in savings on their translation budgets

What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

Paris Retail Week is a not-to-be-missed event, which will allow us to exchange information with our prospects, clients and partners, while also giving us the opportunity to meet new e-commerce retailers seeking to expeditiously reach an international market.

Paris Retail Week is also the perfect occasion to raise awareness in terms of the importance of quality content localization and to present the latest localization innovations.  

Retrouvez la société TextMaster on the stand C 088 at Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September!

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