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Interview of Kevin CORTE, Sales Director at MaPS System, a unique solution that includes the management of master data (MDM), product information (PIM), digital resources (DAM), and contextualized web & print publications (Publishing).

Kevin Corte, Sales Director at MaPS System

According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?

Maps System

The merging of physical, digital and mobile sales channels deeply changes the market and imposes a new business model: “click and mortar”.
On the one side, retailers bring more digital experience in-store. For instance, it may be a barcode with QR code, a connected terminal which allows to order a product even if it’s not available in the store, or a salesperson using a tablet to provide the customers with a more personalized and detailed advice.
On the other side, pure players are tending towards a stronger physical presence. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods illustrates this trend. According to the study published by Digital Instore in July 2016, 65% of French customers still prefer physical point of sale to the digital one. In fact, it remains the best channel to discover a product, since it is possible to touch, to see or to try it, as well as get a personalized advice from salespeople.

Not selling a product, but creating an experience

All these changes actively contribute to the creation of a personalized interaction between the brand and its clients. And of course, the ultimate goal is to deliver a seamless shopping experience. In fact, it becomes natural for the customer to use smartphone to research for a product online and collect it a few hours later in the store.

However, the customer doesn’t think in terms of channels. The words “multichannel” and “omnichannel” that are so often used in our industry don’t make sense to him. Whether it is the luxury sector or middle market, what matters the most is consistent, relevant product information as well as unique and personalized offer, no matter if the customer browses through the web, looks through the pages of a catalogue or visits the store.
According to Gartner’s study, 42% of CEO consider the customer experience as one of their most important priorities, placing it even before the development of new products and services! Customer experience has become the most important criteria in a purchase decision.

So what about PIM?

In this context, product information management (PIM) becomes vital for selling and communicating across multiple channels. However, we can observe that for a long-term vision of the commerce, it is interesting to evolve towards an MDM (Master Data Management), also called “multi-domain solution”. Actually, these tools have a better capacity to adapt to the evolution of company’s needs, as they allow to manage not only product information with contextualized product offer, but also media assets, points of sale, distributors, resellers and customers. They give a 360° view of all strategic information of the company. 

What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for?

MaPS System is an all-in-one data management platform. It helps companies to handle their digital transformation and optimize multichannel marketing.

I would identify three main forces that make our difference:

1) Complete

One single secure and connected platform ensuring the management of:

  • Master Data (MDM – Master Data Management)
  • Product Information (PIM - Product Information Management)
  • Multimedia assets and documents (DAM - Digital Asset Management)
  • Workflows (BPM - Business Process Management)
  • Translations and contextualization of the information (season, country, language, public, etc.)
  • Communication channels (paper, web, mobile, points of sale, connected screens, etc.)

2) Flexible

MaPS System is entirely configurable and customizable. The solution adapts to the company’s:

  • business domain
  • existing infrastructure
  • needs and goals
  • individual users’ / user groups’ missions

3) Modulable

The modules and functionalities of the platform are added in the step-by-step manner. We accompany our clients in their digital strategy from its beginning to the international deployment on different communication channels. 

What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

Paris Retail Week is one of our main yearly events. We have been attending it for a few years already.

For this new edition we will host a Solutions Workshop together with our client Animalis. We would like to share ourexpertise in creating a seamless shopping experience.
The fair is also an opportunity to stay aware of the emerging trends. We enjoy meeting our partners and present our product to those who may be interested in it!

Meet MaPS System on the stand D011 at Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September!

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