Paris Retail Tours 2017

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Discover innovative stores that make Paris the capital of experiential retail!

Discover innovative stores that make Paris the capital of experiential and connected commerce!

For the third consecutive year, Paris Retail Week offers you to discover very concretely the Parisian stores that stand out for their innovative concepts.

In 2017, two Paris Retail Tours are scheduled. A unique occasion to visit several outlets located in prestigious Parisian districts, whose concepts are distinguished by their innovative character, by new technologies implemented, by a specific design or by merchandising in place to attract and accompany visitors, making the purchasing process a unique, comprehensive and seamless experience.

Two days of inspiration and competitive monitoring to broaden your horizons, enrich yourself with best practices and meet with representatives of the selected stores to get their feedback.

Important : The Paris Retail Tours are exclusively intended for top managers working in the retail industry (International and France).

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Programme of the 2017 Paris Retail Tours


Paris Retail Tours
Store tours

#1 PARIS RETAIL TOUR: The Reinvented

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017, from 9 am to 3 pm

Discover brands which have resolutely chosen an interactive, serving and immersive approach, offering consumers a new vision of the product and creating a dedicated world. They are renewing their model for extending the relationship, exchanges and thus increasing the added value.

This first store tour will follow an itinerary of eclectic brands around Live Retail and dedicated to service (beauty, sport, design, telecoms, concierge...).

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Wednesday, September 20th, 2017, from 9 am to 3 pm

Discover surprising brands, experiential places and dedicated to an approach of the brand to share the consumer's moments of life. Offering a new path and playing with consumer curiosity, they disrupt codes while serving a new and experiential model.

This second store will follow an itinerary of multi-sector brands around Live Retail and dedicated to the experience (automobile, electronics and hi-fi, food, atypical media group, etc.).

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The Paris Retail Tours include support by a retail strategy expert, a meeting with a representative from each point of sale visited, private bus journeys, and lunch.

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