Special event

Retail Tech in Live by Keyveo

Visitors lived an experience of immersion into virtual reality and augmented reality at Paris Retail Week!

Immersion into virtual reality and augmented reality at Paris Retail Week!

At Paris Retail Week, the French start-up KEYVEO presented the following demonstrations in a dedicated area:

A Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality animation: visit of a virtual store with a HTC Vive headset

  • Visualization of the store in 3D and all available products
  • The scene was displayed in Virtual Reality: you could physically move and teleport yourself!
  • The selection of a product displayed its price and additional information

3D objects and products integrated into reality, on smartphones and on HoloLens glasses

The same interactions were presented in mixed reality, namely:

  • Presentation of several products in full size
  • Display of price and additional information

Website with 3D elements and configurator: presentation of a watch in 3D


The goal was to show the use of 3D on the web, and the configuration and interactions that one can have with the product.


About Keyveo


Keyveo is a start-up specialized in 3D real time/4DVirtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Our technologies and our solutions can be used to present our clients objects and products, in order to totally immerse the end user to make him discover a rich experiment.

All of that can be plugged (without any plugin) into any website with any devices: Desktop, smartphones, tablets, VR and AR headsets.