plénières retail événement

Wednesday September 12th, 2018

Discover the program of the last day

10h30 – 11h30 : Keynote Hanshow Technology  


11h30 – 12h30 : Smart Talk AACC / Babl  AACC - Babel

The new age of brands, how can brands benefit from the new digital era?

  • With Laurent Habib, President and Founder of Babel and President of the AACC

12h30 – 14h : Facebook Academy


14h – 16h : Closing Plenary "Smart International Retail"

The best of retail from west to east in a serie of 20 minutes’ talks! A journey from the US to Asia through some of the best 360° retail experiences.


  • Brendan Witcher, Principal Analyst, Forrester - Digital Business Strategy : “The New Retail Imperatives: Strategies For Delivering Experiences That Win, Serve, And Retain Today’s Digitally-Savvy Consumers”
  • Laetitia Faure, Founder of Urban Sublime & Isabelle Musnik, Founder and Managing Editor of Influencia : « The gels of US retail»
  • Laure Murciano - Director In-store Excellence, Global Consumer Beauty - Coty
  • Roman Kirsch, CEO of Lesara
  • Adeline Çabale, CEO & Co-Founder Retail Factory : “Chinese retail trends”
  • Takashi Okutani, Executive Officer of Oisix