Interview of Charlotte Mackenzie, Kelkoo Group

Charlotte Mackenzie - PR and Communications Manager, Kelkoo Group

1-      According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?



We have seen several trends and innovations shape the ecommerce landscape this year. The very nature of how consumers browse and shop online is changing, with social media and an increase in experiential gifts meaning that, more and more, consumers are spending with their emotions rather than their wallets. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the e-commerce space cannot profit from these changes, as brands will need to consider how their overall culture can marry up with consumers’ changing values.


E-commerce businesses are also having to deliver increased value to consumers, to ensure that they continue to attract and retain customers. Factors such as increased shipping times and improved returns or exchanges will continue to place online stores at the forefront of shoppers’ minds.


Kelkoo Group was also one of the select group of Beta partners chosen to offer Google’s new high-quality inventory source to market: Comparison Listing (Ads) CLA. This ad space will provide improved visibility to Comparison Shopping Sites. The ads will be displayed on a secondary tab on the search listings page, leading users to a page of choice on the CSS provider’s website once they have clicked through.


2-      What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for?

Kelkoo Group offers a range of products and services. Under our Kelkoo Group brand we offer 14 different branded CSS partners to meet with retailer needs across Europe, including LeGuide, a well-known player in the French ecommerce space. This enables us to cover a vast range of products, meeting with consumer demand for more choice and differing pricing alternatives. We have 2700 publishers, amongst our network partner listing, and reach 40 million e-shoppers monthly.


The expansion of our latest product offering, Google Shopping Ads by Kelkoo Group, offers online merchants the same quality and quantity of traffic that they would expect from a Google Shopping campaign – but at a fraction of the cost. Despite numerous comparison sites signing up to Google Shopping, Kelkoo Group was the first CSS to join as a Premium Partner. In conjunction with Comparison Listing Ads our Kelkoo Group solutions offer the same offering you would expect from Google at a lower cost. Our solutions are designed with the retailer in mind, providing extensive digital experience and knowledge, obtained from our in-house algorithms, that truly sets us apart.


3-      What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?

Paris Retail Week provides us with the opportunity to connect and meet with key retailers and stakeholders in the French market. 2019 hails an extensive roadmap for us here at Kelkoo Group, with improvements planned for our techstack as we expand our business into five new markets. We are growing our in-house talent, with 60 news hires to make. It’s an exciting time for our business.




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