Interview of Benjamin Chalande, CEO & Founder of Lundi Matin

Interview of Benjamin Chalande, CEO & Founder of Lundi Matin


1. According to you, what are the main trends and innovations in your field market?

Benjamin Chalande

The retail’s world is undergoing tremendous change. In my opinion, the main trend is the confirmation of the growth of the digitalization in stores. 


With the multiplication of selling channels, companies faces the proliferation of their management software which don’t allow them to get the “big picture” of their activities. Today, it is necessary to adopt a connected business strategy : centralize management tools in only one software capable of unifying data and offering a 360° vision on the activity, would it be online or in store.


In terms of points of sale trends, today a customer expects more than a product and a price in a shop. He expects a personalised purchasing experience, now made possible by digital tools such as customer tracking or the ability to cash in customers everywhere in the store.


Today’s customer is also more demanding, thus it is necessary to remove any points of friction during his buying process (waiting time, stock shortage, etc.).

Click & Collect, Ship from Store, Store-to-Web, mobile payment… Lot of solutions exist in order to adapt to the new consuming habits. E-commerce is not the enemy of brick & mortar shops !


2. What are the main features of your solution and who is it made for?


LUNDI MATIN offers a global solution for retailers. This solution’s backbone is an online ERP/CRM, Lundi Matin Business, allowing the omnichannel management of the activity. Its specificity represent its ability to connect itself to all internal and external links (logisticians, carriers, e-commerce and marketplaces) which constitute the company. A gain of time with the data centralization, thus making the company more agile.


Our ERP/CRM is supplemented with RoverCash, our touch screen cash register solution for retailers. This solution replace the traditional till, making of the tablet or the smartphone a real management tool allowing to manage sales, cash-out, customers, loyalty, catalogue and stocks. The software also possess an online back office which allow to control one or several tablets, in one or several stores. RoverCash is available on Android and iOS, on tablet and on smartphone, which allow salesmen to cash in customers everywhere in the shop.


It is therefore a global solution, which depending on the needs, will suit shopkeepers as well as big brands retailers.


3. What represents the Paris Retail Week event for your business?


The Paris Retail Week is one of the main events of the year for all retailers, allowing everyone to meet prospects, partners and key players of the retail world. A great way to identify opportunities !

It is also a great occasion to obtain really good insights of the trends of the sector. We are living in a time of rapid innovation, and therefore it is crucial to stay alert on the new tools available on the market.


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