Pop up store - La tendance décryptée par Paris Retail Week
Press release

The pop-up store, a key concept in connected retail?

The store is clearly undergoing a major transformation, serving as a link between physical and digital retail. An on-off complementarity which is increasingly encapsulated in pop-up stores.

Sophie Lubet, Retail Business Unit Director at Comexposium, tells us more about the trend of the pop-up store, which tends to become a must-have concept of connected commerce.

Key elements about the pop-up stores' trend:

  • 52% of French people say that pop-up stores are an effective way of discovering new brands (source: Retailoscope 2016).
  • Brands with a network of physical stores see the advantage of the event-driven nature of pop-up stores, to test new concepts or to ensure media coverage as part of a special operation.
  • The pop-up store is also a continuation of digital retail. In the same way that distributors and physical retailers have seized the opportunity of e-commerce, e-retailers are becoming aware of the advantages of brick-and-mortal retail to test their products and create specific events around their offer.
  • From this trend, a new profession has emerged: selling ephemeral commercial spaces.
  • Customer experience is THE priority. The pop-up meets the new needs of consumers to live a different, entertaining experience going beyond the purely transactional aspect of sales.

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