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Presentation of the young companies who will come to present their innovative solutions for retail at Paris Retail Week.

Many promising start-ups will present their innovative solutions for retail within the Start-Up Village of Paris Retail Week.

In preview, discover a selection of young companies that you can meet from 19 to 21 September in Paris at Porte de Versailles exhibition center (Pavilion 7.3).

2 Point 0

Your e-logistics partner in the center of Europe


Located in between the main European markets, 2 Point 0 takes care of your goods’ receiving, storage, order picking, packing and shipping.

Due to excellent partnerships with the different postal and parcel carriers, the most suitable transport solution can be found for your shipments.

Our geographical situation allows to ship with national transit times to France, Germany and the Benelux.

Think out of the boxes. Our Luxembourg logistics hub is the ideal gateway to Europe, tailored to your needs.

Video Monitoring to boost in-store conversion


We use cameras to detect specific visitor behaviours in shops and trigger real time notifications to sales associates, to help them boost conversion in specific store areas.



BotSpell, a specialist in chatbots, uses conversation and artificial intelligence to connect companies to their customers.

Their SAAS platform makes it possible to create an engaging conversational experience in a very short time, compared to existing solutions, to optimize the profitability of the project.

#chatbot #AI #conversational assistant


Take control of your cash flow and automate your reconciliations


CALIXYS specializes in the control, reconciliation and rapid analysis of financial and non-financial data. We help companies of all sizes improve their controls over data and accounts with highly automated solutions.

We offer the XREC cloud solution to perform all checks and reconciliations on very high volumes in short time and with great flexibility. Our solution is collaborative and significantly improves exchanges between management services and external auditors or accounting firms.

For e-commerce, card payments are often very high and reconciliations can sometimes be tedious. The XREC solution makes it possible to relieve the efforts of the financial services of this sector by automating and industrializing the processes of controls and reconciliations.

CALIXYS also accompanies many companies on their projects around financial reconciliations.



Cloudi-Fi is a SAAS vendor helping his customers to connect their physical and natural customers with the digital world. Cloudi-Fi establishes innovative bridges between online and offline marketing. It benefits to physical stores and value the customers journey with unmatched digital and personalised marketing campaigns. 


 eCommerce analytics to boost your digital performance


Datagram is the most agile eCommerce analytics platform. We enable retailers and suppliers to boost their eCommerce performance and digital presence with actionable insights on price, promotion, product content and online product positioning.

Contact us to book a demo in our stand!


Datavora est spécialisée dans le monitoring de l’offre e-commerce


Datavora is specialized in the monitoring of e-commerce supply.

Datavora collects systematically and continuously at a large scale, data related to products sold on online stores, websites and marketplaces (prices, variations, brands, characteristics, technical specifications, presence, exposure etc.)

Datavora provide brands, distributors, resellers and, in general, actors and operators in all the e-commerce sphere, a solution to a continuous and automatic tracking at a big scale of the products offer displayed on internet.

Data collected by Datavora provides insights that help to take the right decisions both on marketing and sales level. This data allows, in real time, to follow up closely on competitors and on new behaviour trends in the market.

Data, dashboards and reports we provide are easily usable and pluggable.



Dilit is an e-couponing app which uses augmented reality. Hard to understand ? To make it simple, Dilit is the Pokemon Go of good deals. Indeed, merchants subscribe to our app and position their vouchers wherever they want in the streets : in their shop, in high traffic places for instance just like Pokemon Go places its Pokemons.

Our community of users gain on experience by catching the merchants vouchers and benefit from more and more exclusive gifts depending on their level in the game. Dilit is the app that makes the discounts around you visible.

For users, it’s a new way of consuming through a unique experience. For merchants, it’s a simple and affordable marketing tool, its basically the mobile couponing and digital marketing revolution.

Dilit is an app that links merchants and consumers through a fun and addictive interface. The real innovation is of course the use of the augmented reality combined with geo-tracking. The users benefit is to make savings while playing as for merchants it’s first to have access to this kind of services that was very expensive until now. Also by managing themselves their campaigns on the app, it enables them to have an accurate targeting on each of their actions. 

Find & Order


Find&Order is a cross-sector mobile marketplace which provides a click & collect solution to retailers and shoppers.​

We help retailers digitalize properly their catalogue on mobile ​so that they can use this channel to acquire mobile users and get more traffic in store.

​We provide mobile users with a nice and powerful app which facilitates product ​localization​, comparison and payment.

They ​use our search bar to geolocalize products and compare ​them by price or ​distance​. They pay in one click even ​when​ they pick products from different stores​.​

They store their loyalty points in one ​app​ and follow ​their favorite ​retailers events and​ ​promotions.



Keyveo is a start-up specialized in 3D real time/4D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

its 3D configurator was a great success when presented at CES Las Vegas back in Jan'17, where Keyveo was selected to present its technologies.

Our technologies and our solutions can be used to present our clients objects and products, in order to totally immerse the end user to make him discover a rich experiment.

All of that can be plugged (without any plugin) into any website with any devices: Desktop, smartphones, tablets, VR and AR headsets.


Don't risk losing money in improving your customers' experience on your websites


MrSuricate is the new start-up allowing you to set up and automate all your functional and recurring testing for your website. Whether it is an online store or a private space.

Through our simple and intuitive SaaS platform, our project team will carry out your testing plans through user journey, this will allow you saving time on your testing phases, monitoring closely your customers’ website availability whilst focusing on your defects analysis and fixing.


Winner of the 2016 Rookie Of The Year Award!


Reech is a solution, which professionalizes and optimizes exchanges between influencers and advertisers (brands and agencies).

Reech enables advertisers to find their ideal communication channel, and influencers to increase their visibility, while monetizing their influence (reach) by promoting brands that they like. The platform is built on 4 pillars: an intuitive search engine, advanced matching, pre-negotiated partnerships, and a detailed KPIs.



User experience and data security are at the heart of the profitability of services because of their support costs, prevention and even correction. 

It is for this reason that RemAuth, a.k.a, offers a Passwordless Authentication as a Service infrastructure to improve the security and simplicity of connected services.

  • RemAuth eliminates the main vulnerability of connected services. Indeed, according to Verizon, passwords are responsible for 63% of proven data breaches.
  • RemAuth makes biometric verification available to any service through its RemAuth Control mobile application, which acts as a remote control for secure access.
  • On the occasion of Paris Retail Week, the RemAuth offer will be enriched with RemAuth Cards, which provide the additional security of a physical source easy to scan with a smartphone.

Because connecting to a service should always be simple and secure:

RemAuth is a service of the French company AUVERCLOUD.



Retency is the first Data Management Platform of the physical world. EU-compliant indoor/outdoor. Retency provides traditional media and retailers advanced marketing and advertising technologies to optimize campaign efficiency and create seamless off-line/on-line services.


Creating the best post-purchase experience for online retailers


Ecommerce websites work hard to ship awesome products in time. Yet, the first reason why they lose customers is out of their control: this reason is delivery.

Shipup crunches in real time the tracking data of your packages. We send a branded and proactive notification to your customer (email or text message) at each step of their delivery.

You create a WOW effect by expanding your brand experience after purchase. Give your online shoppers just the right information, with the right words and turn one-shot buyers into lifelong customers.

With Shipup, they will be automatically reassured even before they have time to worry!

Shipup can be integrated very easily on your ecommerce platform thanks to our module.



SmartPixels is a French startup founded in May 2015. The idea is extremely simple and innovative: we transform any object into a screen.

Our technology, based on a mix of augmented reality and projection mapping, offers the possibility of using brands’ products as a new interactive display. With one set-up, you can show as many products as you want, update the content and launch new campaigns from distance, display colors and textures. You can show how powerful your customization offer allows people to design visuals themselves, or adapt any marketing content to the object’s shapes.

 Our technology is not only highlighting your product: we also increase the store’s traffic, the conversion rate, the average basket. We reduce the space needed in store. We solve product storage problem.

Our technology being interactive, you can also sell products that are not physically in store, and gather data about customer’s preferences.


A turnkey solution to launch your marketplace!


UFINDEER is a french Marketplace Agency which offers a technical solution of marketplace in saas mode, and expert services of support to the creation and the management of a marketplace.

The UFINDEER offer is suitable for all types of projects (sales of products and / or services, BtoC / BtoB / CtoC, dropshipping option possible) and to all sectors of activity.

The services offered by the agency cover all stages of the life of a marketplace, from creation to exploitation: IT development, webdesign, webmarketing, commercial development, project management, community management, content writing and coaching / Accompaniment.

The first marketplaces using the Ufindeer solution have been online since March 2017.


Ethical Hacking Services


We secure your digital platforms: web software, mobile apps, APIs and connected devices.

Our services:

  • Pentesting: Web / Mobile / Social Engineering / IoT
  • Security Trainings: for developers, product and management teams
  • Security Consulting: tailored services

We provide the first pentesting services with success fees.



Wassa designs and develops innovative digital solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our Innovation Lab works on images extracted from video streams and analyzes information and data to provide customized services.

Whether you are looking for enhancing users’ experience, analyzing the human traffic and behavior in a shopping mall, or creating new ways of interacting with customers in store, we bring scientific expertise to design the most adapted solution to your needs.

At the Paris Retail Week show, Wassa will launch Dencity, our new solution to detect, count, track and analyze the flow of visitors in shopping malls and stores, via cameras.

Come to our booth and discover more about Dencity and our others products:

  • Facelytics (facial criteria detection by analyzing any video stream in realtime)
  • Pixlytics (images, products, logo recognition)
  • WayFinding (indoor location and navigation solution via mobile / kiosk)


Zeez is the first drive-to-store solution based on gaming


The App works like a "PokemonGo for brands", turning the streets into a playground for brands.

Zeez offers its users (12-25 yo) the possibility to collect geolocated virtual goodies and to take on challenges created by their favorite brands. Those challenges are designed to take them to a physical shop to discover what gift they won.


Come meet them at Paris Retail Week from 19 to 21 September at Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition center (Pavilion 7.3)!

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